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Wiki (with pride) #

How & why we wiki #

We never knew how badly we needed a wiki until one of our volunteers pointed out how embarrassingly little we have in the way of organizational documentation. Think about it: we are a small nonprofit driven by volunteers who typically leave when their kids graduate — but the knowledge of how to successfully execute countless vital tasks is preserved almost entirely through oral tradition. How often have we learned (or failed to learn) through trial and error, only to take that wisdom with us when we leave instead of passing it along to th next generation of Boosters?

The success of a wiki hinges on active contributions from multiple users over time, so comments are enabled here. If weeding out the spam becomes tiresome or we encounter significant security concerns stemming from the comments section, we can easily disable comments.

One cool feature of our wiki plugin is automatic content tabling. When I added the above heading (“How & why we wiki”), the system created the table of contents that appears above. No need to modify that table when adding content: the system appears to do that for us. Note that the automated Table of Contents comes with the Classic doc template — so if we opt for a different Single Doc template in the Customizer, we lose the TOC.

Categorical hierarchy #

Suggested overview of the wiki. Not set in stone; just the categories of info that may be useful for current and future volunteers.

Online #

  • Website (content — public)
  • Website (structure — confidential)
  • CutTime
  • Band app
  • Social media

Program support #

  • Marching Band
    • Uniforms
    • Food service
    • Props and logistics
  • Winter Guard
  • Indoor Percussion

Service positions #

  • President
  • VP
  • Treasurer
  • Bursar
  • Secretary
  • Communication support
  • Fundraising
    • Concessions
    • Craft Fair
    • Spirit-wear
    • Gaming

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