Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing inspires questions quite like Band life. If you have a question that isn’t covered here, please let us know. If it’s a question others are likely to encounter and we have a useful answer, we’ll add it to the FAQ.

The three-legged table upon which every successful band program dances: Instructors, Students, Volunteers. Through fundraising, logistics, props, marching band uniforms, food service and many other support areas, it takes plenty of helpers to continue the DH Bands tradition of success. That's why anyone who passes the District's background check is welcome here. If you would like to join us, please ask your Band Director to connect you with the Band Boosters Volunteer Coordinator.

Parenting Band kids is a privilege, but it can be extremely challenging if you've never done it and you have no idea what to expect. For the basics, there are several key elements and pointers on the Parents page. It's a quick read and a great place to start.

For longer than any of us can remember, Eyes With Pride was the slogan of the Marching Colonels. It still is. The phrase was originally popularized in the 1970s by the fabled UMass Band Director George N. Parks, whose philosophy of American marching music strongly influences marching bands and drum corps to this day.

You've visited the log-in page and entered the correct password, but it's not showing you the link to your username/password form. Don't despair! When that happens, usually browser caching is the culprit. Clear the recent cookies and cached files from your web browser, then try again. If you've cleared cached data and cookies but it's still not working, ask your DHHS Band Boosters Webmaster for help.

Since we have migrated from Charms to CutTime, usernames and passwords have been replaced with magic links. All you need is your mobile phone. If you are unable to log into CutTime, please contact your band director. See the CutTime page for details.

Calendar on our website not displaying as expected? Almost always a browser issue. Google and Charms use third party cookies in embedded calendars, so if your browser preferences don't allow third party cookies, the calendar won't display. This also happens if you're using Safari and your preferences don't allow "cross-site tracking." Further, you may encounter a reCAPTCHA validator where a Google calendar should be, and trying to validate only resets the reCAPTCHA. To see the calendar instead, enable third party cookies (or cross-site tracking) in your browser preferences.

  • Check your Chrome settings and make sure they don't block Third Party Cookies.
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  • Confirm no browser extensions are blocking Third Party Cookies.

Trick question! There are no plans for a competition at Dixie Heights. We've hosted festivals in years past, but these days there are too many other schools hosting marching band competitions. So rather than pull competitors away from other festivals, we continue to raise needed funds through other revenue sources.

Yes, Marching Band students and family members who chose to come along went to Disney for four days and five nights. If you want to know what that was like, just ask any of the kids or parents who went. (You may want to clear your schedule first — the stories can take a while.)